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Birthdate:May 3


There I am in younger days, star gazing,
Painting picture perfect maps of how my life and love would be
Not counting the unmarked paths of misdirection
My compass, faith in love's perfection


At her time of entering the lodge, the Lady Marian is tall, dark haired, bright eyed and halfway into her seventeenth summer.

Her father recently deposed of his position as Sheriff following the abandonment of her fiancé, Robin, the son of the Earl of Huntington and Locksley, to the Holy Wars, Marian has wholly focused her life in two realms. Outwardly she is a clever politician and gentile lady, head-strong, feisty and often has a quite non nonsense opinion about the situations which shape the world around her. Inwardly, and most secretly, for the last year she has taken on the persona of the Nightwatchman to protect the people of her own realm.

She enters from the early 1100's.


Associated first in literature as The Queen of May and through such linked with the earliest Medieval Robin Hood stories in Green Man celebration, Lady Marian, often called Maid Marian, has come from many back grounds.

She is a courageous and loyal woman, whose initial antagonism to Robin springs not from aristocratic disdain but out of dislike of robbery. Hidden frequently beneath this image is the mischievous tomboy capable of escaping over the countryside disguised as a boy who's efforts to save the poor rivaled Robin Hood's own.

Most often she is associated with the ideals of chastity, compassion, loyalty and religion, as in the original Robin Hood's devotion to the the Virgin Mary in the three phase trinity.


Maid Marian and all Robin Hood universe's mentioned herein are not property of me, but history, followed closely by a large and voracious number of sundry authors, play and script writers. No money is made from this livejournal. It is just for fun in [info]in_the_wood.

Marian's Mun is [info]wanderlustlover
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