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The pool opened into a bower of sun streamers and green in the shades of fading new spring and the whisper of promised emerald summer. There was a rock formation which jutted upward for twenty feet in the Northern area just beyond them, trees crowning onward from it, and just beyond westerly was a worn path with rivets from cart wheels which wound its way through the dappled grove.

"This," Marian said, with an awe and love that was never, and would never, be tarnished by time. "Is Sherwood forest."

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"Nor should you sit aside and do nothing."

He taps at Sorely, who catches up easily, head tossing. "Perhaps it is they who are wrong about what a lady may or may not do. There is a Queen whom I know, a dear friend, who used to ride with the archers into battle, despite anyone who tried to stop her. Do what you must, to protect your people. When will your king return? Has anyone news of him?"

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Winning. Caspian has been in enough battles to realize exactly what that might mean for the people here, and he has seen lists of his own all too often.

And the thought of Marian and the violent death she describes makes his hands clench against the reins, so that Sorely tosses his head and sidesteps in confusion. He glances down, and finds that his knuckles ar very pale.

"Then pray, do not get caught." His voice came out low, barely heard over the breeze that shuffles the new leaves around them. "I won't ask what those actions might be; not here. I'm sorry to have brought up sorrowful subjects, lady."

He'd sooner see her smile, but this is a part of Marian, as well, and he finds he admires it as much as he does all the others.

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He follows the movement of her head, grateful for the interruption. "Aye. Do you think your father will be there by now?"

It isn't that he's worried, merely curious. Marian spoke of her father with a great deal of fondness, and he's sure that Ravenkeep's master is a fine man.

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The temptation is to say aye, I'd like that, for he would, dearly. It would be a pleasure to meet Marian's father and to tell the man how impressed he is by the way his lands are kept--but they have already been gone a long while and he is eager to return to Narnia and the preparations for his voyage.

"Perhaps another time," he says, though his voice is a little wistful. "I'd not want to disturb him, and this has already been a very pleasant visit." Nor put Marian in a nealrly unexplainable situation. "We ought to make our way back to the Wood, if you'd not mind."


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