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When she returned her skirts were wet again.

The sun still shining. The forest quiet save for animals, water and breeze. The tree trunk still behind her.

When she makes it back to the house, the Lady's tell her she should be more careful. So she carefully makes sure not to mention the second forest with it's lodge, or the girls and boys from all over the time.

In part because telling them really would further the tale of 'her spells'.


When her father comes back for Nottingham he's livid. Because the Lady's told him she fell in the woods. Because she doesn't clarify or deny their story. Because she could have been hurt much worse and alone be unaided.

She knows it from concern but it doesn't stop either of them from snapping at each other.

They can't help but be at odds.

The government is changing. She didn't get married. The people are terrified. She refuses to be 'A Lady'.


She leaves in the evening to the rookery. To fill the feed and watch the dark birds descend on it until the sun streamers begin to fade. She'd stay longer most nights, but she goes even though she wants to stay. Even though she wants to go back to the other wood.

For her father's sake.

They'll apologize. There will be desserts.

Because he wants her to be his little girl.

Because she knows it's one of the last things that hasn't been taken from him.


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